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We offer loose gemstones, loose diamonds and jewelry
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Loose Gemstones and Diamonds That Complements & Completes Your Look

Ray's House of Gems is known for elegant classic gemstones and jewelry with an edge. We have been offering colored loose gemstones, jewelry, and loose diamonds since 1996.

If you are looking for beautiful yet versatile pieces that are effortlessly wearable, we have the best collection for you. You will find a variety of quality, product selection, and options with us.

Making You a Style Sensation

Our stunning selection of colored gemstones are a refreshing break from the traditional diamonds. We bring you a vast collection of colored gemstones and can’t wait to work with you to find the perfect choice for you.

Let’s discuss your preferences. We’ll search for the finest gem options and select the ones to fit your requirements. We source stones from all over the world that are ethically mined.

Bright, Bold & Beautiful

We offer a stunning collection of both Mined and Lab Created Diamonds. We are honored to offer a personally tailored collection of dazzling Diamonds that add Brilliance to your beauty while being affordable. You can select the perfect piece of jewelry for your diamond to make a remarkably bold fashion statement that completes your look.

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